Joseph Thomas

Fine Art Photography


Joseph is a graduate of the Arts University in Bournemouth. He has a first class BA (Hons) degree in photography, and lives near Lymington.

The natural environment has always been Joseph’s greatest source of inspiration and motivation. His subtle and intriguing images, printed onto a fine aluminium surface, represent a sympathetic link to their subject matter; each subject captured in an abstract and impressionist visual language. This visual ambiguity allows the viewer to become more absorbed in the image, allowing thoughts to wander. Whilst the conscious mind attempts to discover what the image is, the subconscious mind fills in the blanks. A unique interpretation of the image is then stored in the memory.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to exhibit Joe’s beautiful and highly unusual work. Please contact us for further information re prices, sizes and availability.

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Abstract 2

c-type print on aluminium

© Joseph Thomas

Abstract 2 by Joseph Thomas

Abstract 1

c-type print on aluminium

© Joseph Thomas

Abstract 1 by Joseph Thomas

Abstract 3

c-type print on aluminium

© Joseph Thomas

Abstract 3 by Joseph Thomas

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