Victor Stuart Graham

Driftwood Sculpture


Victor lives by the sea and loves boats. He originally trained as a graphic designer, followed by an MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Victor’s career has been hugely varied, from teaching textile design to painting seaside railings! Whist looking for suitable wood to frame some textile designs, Victor found pieces of driftwood ‘crying out for their inner boat to be released’ and he has never looked back. Using worn driftwood, Victor creates trawlers, yachts and pleasure boats in all shapes and sizes. Painted in subtle blues, greys, reds and ochre, many have colourful bespoke bunting!

Victor’s work is exhibited throughout the UK and Coastal Gallery is delighted to feature a flotilla of beautiful driftwood boats. Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Lymington Flotilla


© Victor Stuart Graham

Lymington Flotilla by Victor Stuart Graham

Blue Liner


© Victor Stuart Graham

Blue Liner by Victor Stuart Graham

Red Liner


© Victor Stuart Graham

Red Liner by Victor Stuart Graham

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