Victoria Sackwild



Based in Somerset, Vicki originally studied Geology at the University of Bristol , gaining a PhD in Volcanology. Perhaps inspired by geological materials, forms and structures, she began designing and making jewellery in 2017.

Vicki creates beautifully fluid sculptural forms from precious metal, and says of her work:

“My pieces are wearable sculptural forms characterised by simple lines and fluid curves, each individually handcrafted from silver using a mixture of contemporary techniques. Contrasting surface details include textural finishes and colouration by oxidation, or plating to accentuate and embellish”

Most of Vicki’s stunning pieces are unique or part of small and evolving themed ranges.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to feature Vicki’s work.

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Choker II

© Victoria Sackwild


Choker I

© Victoria Sackwild


Choker III

© Victoria Sackwild


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