Jo Vane



Jo has a background in Art History but, in 2007, discovered a love of making jewellery. From her studio just outside Lymington, Jo creates bespoke designs and unique handmade collections from silver, gold and semi-precious stones. These include delicate rings and bangles, ‘ statement’ chokers and cuffs, and irresistible earrings.

Jo draws inspiration from the forest and coastline. She lives in Milford-on-Sea and visits the beach almost everyday for ideas. Themes such as the play of light on the sea, erosion and natural cycles within a landscape recur in Jo’s beautiful work.

Always keen to challenge herself creatively, Jo has recently begun to work at a much larger scale. The result of this new direction is a series of stunning Wave Sculptures – we are thrilled to feature a beautiful piece from this new body of work.

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Wave 1

© Jo Vane

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Silver Bowl

Recycled Silver

© Jo Vane

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Silver and rose gold link bracelet

© Jo Vane

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Jo Vane Silver and rose gold link bracelet

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