Duggie Fields

Pop/Digital Art


Duggie Fields trained at Chelsea School of Art in the 1960s, and his iconic work includes video, sound, digital imagery and hand painted canvases.

Working from an atelier in Earls Court, Duggie Field’s art is Post-Modernism at its finest. Influenced by Jackson Pollock , Piet Mondrian and the colourful art of comic books, Duggie’s hard-edged post pop is trend setting.

His part in the gender equality campaign, hashtag #freethenipple, has become synonymous with his name, and Duggie displayed an incredible talent for moving with the times. He considered himself to be largely a digital artist, saying that the computer mouse is, ‘my hand, my eye, my mind’.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to feature a range of Duggie’s limited edition prints, prices up to £1750.

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Icons and Ideals

limited edition signed print


© Duggie Fields

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Duggie Fields 'Icons and Ideals' limited edition print

London Dynamic Greeting

Limited edition digital print

© Duggie Fields

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Sample montage of Duggie Field’s iconographic digital imagery

© Duggie Fields

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