Explore the virtually limitless world of ceramic sculpture. Meet the clay sculpture artist Arek Nowicki who bring clay to life in ways you may never have imagined. From the diminutive to the monumental, the figurative to the abstract, there are endless possibilities for expression in the form of ceramic sculpture.
Contemporary clay sculpture is perhaps the most diverse range of sculpture in existence, perhaps because clay has been used to make art objects longer than any other material. Browse through these archives to see images of the sometimes beautiful, sometimes unsettling works of talented contemporary ceramic sculptors and to find out more about their clay modeling techniques and their motivations. And don’t forget to download your free copy of Contemporary Clay Sculpture: A Collection of Four of Our Favorite Articles on Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture to see work by the latest and greatest new talents in the ceramic arts field.
Whether you are interested in finding out more about making ceramic wall art or you need to learn more about clay armature for figurative ceramic sculpture, you’ll find a wide variety of information on clay sculpture techniques in our vast archives.

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