Pull up a chair and dine at the heart of our gallery as the wonderful Ginger Catering Company pop-up with an array of stunning dishes.
Open Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm
As the dark evenings draw in, inject some colour into your weekend with a visit to our dazzling Autumn Exhibition. The ever-changing showcase is a perfect tonic to the darker days with colourful and vibrant works of art that are sure to lift the spirits. Carefully curated in partnership with Lymington’s wonderful Coastal Gallery, the stunning collection of paintings, prints, ceramics and sculptures have been chosen to appeal to all taste and budgets. Displayed across our three stunning galleries, the ever-changing art show also includes a range of beautiful prints, books, and curiosities on sale in our Chez Moo shop. So come along and browse the immeasurable talents of more than 40 local creatives including Stewart Beckett, Jim Murray, Andy Baerselman, Jill Berelowitz, William Pounds, Chris Whittaker, Long Ly, Kim Thompson, Gina Dearden, Michael Turner, John Illsley, Jackie Giron, Karl Rudziak and venue owners Caroline and Nick de Rothschild. [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/694bcdcd-69a1-1639-45d5-04535367b5b1.jpg] [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/315a799a-fbf6-46b3-2ef0-eb42f88dee0e.jpg] [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/a05cc0c3-e198-af68-c0d3-02cc50a64b89.jpg] [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/bc616165-6001-bb1b-10ed-20ed1802869b.jpg] Ginger Catering Company pop-up at the Palais on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November
The highly skilled team from Hythe’s Ginger Catering Company are back at the Palais this weekend with a showstopping menu of exquisite dishes including a warming seasonal soup, a tasty fondue dish, and delicious desserts. This weekend the talented team will also be serving a mouthwatering array of light bites, lunchtime dishes, and tapas options. Menu highlights include Salt Baked Beetroot Carpaccio with Basil Pesto, Dorset Crab Cake with Celeriac Remoulade, and Shepherd’s Pie with Braised Shoulder of Lamb. [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/16e49134-c09a-6dd4-8a3c-bd73523b3a0a.jpg] [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/9b2a58bc-e163-bdfe-e162-6a02c4955be1.jpg] [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/70ab33fe-bf05-058e-c76c-ebc054d3d36c.jpg] [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/6c8b4b39-b252-f3ef-cbab-4d43b5d019b7.jpg] Book your tickets for a very special Fundraising Charity Ball at Palais des Vaches on Saturday 16th December in support of the Blossom Development Fund [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/7bc8f152-6fcd-9714-012c-909dda1fedb0.jpg] We are thrilled that the Blossom Development Trust will host their Fundraising Ball at Palais des Vaches on Saturday 16th December.
The Blossom Development Trust is a remarkable charity that fundraises to support children and young people with additional needs. Run by volunteers the charity provides specialist Speech and Language, Behavioural Therapy, communication devices, Occupational Therapy, behavioural programs, nutritional advice, and much more.
Tickets are £45 to include a two-course meal and a glass of wine.
To book email: blossomdevelopment@gmail.com WONDERFUL WORKSHOPS Join wildlife artist Kim Thompson on Saturday 11th November to master painting sunsets in acrylics. During this workshop participants will master the fast drying time of acrylics, tackle dry brush, wet into wet and layering techniques, and learn how to build detail to achieve an atmospheric sunset scene. Tutor Kim Thompson will give guidance throughout the day with the painting process broken down into easy-to-follow stages. £75 to include all materials [https://mcusercontent.com/856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea/images/7a6343b6-2fdb-097a-163b-2cd042c4448c.jpg] Book Workshops<palaisdesvaches.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=856dc5cc3c6467687e73df5ea&id=24f1a12f5d&e=cc861642c3>

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