John Hansard Gallery : Larry Achiampong online exhibition 14-30 September

Larry AchiampongRelic 0 Online Exhibition14 – 30 September
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Taking place across various landscapes and locations, this speculative project builds upon a postcolonial perspective informed by technology, agency and the body, and narratives of migration.
The series builds upon ideas in Larry Achiampong’s practice whilst taking new approaches, marrying linguistic threads and an original synth-based soundtrack with open cinematic landscapes.
At an unspecified future point in time, the African Union has created the Relic Travellers’ Alliance. Amongst an ambitious set of new initiatives the programme was formed to equip Relic Travellers with space-travelling-technology. The sole purpose of this initiative was for Relic Travellers to venture outside of the African Union to retrieve vocal information left by those whom had been historically oppressed as a result of political systems such as colonisation, capitalism and globalisation. These uncovered testimonies are collected and used as a basis for the African Union to responsibly govern the future informed by a bottom-up perspective.
Relic 0, which is the prelude to the series, is a short film that moves between African and Western based vistas and focuses on specific architectures of colonialism as delivered by an anonymous narrator. These discoveries deliver poetic moments of the sublime met with increasingly harrowing tales of trauma – speaking to the sinister way that states of anxiety, fear and displacement are both generated and policed in postcolonial society. The throb of the electronic score and ringing clarity of the narrator’s testimony usher in a new landscape and temporality, born from cracks in a traumatised, apocalyptic present.
This October we shall be premiering Reliquary 2 by Larry Achiampong, the latest in the Relic Traveller series. Reliquary 2 will be available to stream online via our website from 1 October 2020 – 31 January 2021.

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