NEW ! – The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi

Along with the hugely successful launch of her personalised fragrance concept, ‘The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi’, the award-winning perfumer Azzi Glasser launched her fragranced candles, opening a new window on the sensory ‘Perfumed Architecture’ of home living. Azzi – who has collaborated with some of the world’s leading hotels, galleries and A-listers – has created a unique five-piece candle range designed to bring unique character & style to the different interiors and living experiences around the home. Perfectly tailored to match scent personality with living space. Each candle emits specific moods of warmth, richness or sheer decadence, transforming each room with a fresh identity and ambiance. Since October 2016, a collection of five candles have been available. Customers have been able to choose from the sensual dark flora of Fever 54, the intimate leather of erotic Tuscan Suede, the violet bohemian floral of Twisted Iris or the magnetic and welcoming patchouli and oud of Black Moss, together with the appetising and enticing Fig Ambrette. These sit alongside the 11 unique perfumes that make up The Perfumer’s Story. Commenting on the candle collection, The Perfumer’s Story founder Azzi Glasser explains: “I love being able to create art through the sense of smell. One of my earliest memories is the scent of an electrifying tropical rain storm where warm rain splashed on hot steamy pavements. My fragrances are all based around ‘Character and Style’ each with its own artistic story and reference, so it was a natural progression to want to extend this to the home – after all, home is a reflection of your personality, style and is therefore intensely personal”

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