Wendy Farley



Wendy has a BA (Hons) Degree in Ceramics from West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham, and a PGCE in Art and Design Technology from Goldsmith’s College in London.

Working from a studio in the south west, Wendy has always taught in a variety of schools and colleges, including Dartmouth Prison. Teaching helps to keep her ideas fresh and constantly informs her studio work.

‘My work is a response to the visual and sensual elements of nature that shape my life everyday. Rhythms, texture, weather and emotion evident in the natural world guide my hand. Inspiration for me is infinite – from the coastal areas of the southwest with its crashing seas, to the smaller more tactile elements of nature…… Undulating rims and etched lines are recurring themes – a movement I see in the motion of waves, the contours of a landscape, the lines found on pebbles or the patterns left behind in the sand by the tide’’ 

Wendy uses coiling, pinching and throwing to create her stunning vessels; and burnishing, smoke firing and electric firing to build up multiple layers of slip, under-glaze colours and oxides to decorate the vessels.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to feature Wendy’s beautiful and evocative vessels.

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Sea Blue


© Wendy Farley

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Wendy Farley 'Sea Blue' bowl

Blue Wave 3

coil pot

© Wendy Farley

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Wendy Farley 'Blue Wave 3' coil pot

Blue Wave

slab vessel

© Wendy Farley

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Wendy Farley 'Blue Wave' slab vessel

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