Art Inspired Gifts at Coastal Gallery

For many of us, an appreciation of fine art is a way of life. We can find space for beauty and design in our homes and in our wardrobes. Even if we may not be fortunate enough to have the real thing hanging in our living room, there are ways to appropriate your chosen style and surround yourself with references understood by fellow enthusiasts. Many museums and galleries facilitate our need to bring a little piece of art home in their often fantastic range of cards and collection related gifts. At Coastal Gallery we are delighted to announce a new range of ‘Art Inspired’ gifts, including Loqi Museum Collection bags (it’s important to look on-trend when you’re doing your shopping), luxurious scarves designed by colourist Gohar Goddard, and a selection of cards from the Royal Academy of Arts. This new collection will shore up our classic gift range such as the beautiful jewellery collection by Jo Vane and the veritable rainbow of stunningly glazed ceramics by Jackie Giron. Treat yourself and pop in this weekend to find a style that suits you.

Loqi Tote BagTote Bag Pop Lollipop





Jo Vane





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