Celebrating Ceramic Artists !

If the ending of BBC 2’s Great Pottery Throw Down last week has left you feeling the need for more ceramics in your life, then we at Coastal Gallery Lymington have the answer. Arek Nowicki, a ceramic artist based in Bournemouth, may not have modelled with Gisele but his hand built ceramic vessels and bowls are exquisite, sensual and downright impressive. His use of tough stoneware clay combined with the most delicate crystalline glazes create eccentric and exciting textural combinations, almost as if revealing a crystal from the earth. The free-flowing forms and often sheer scale of Arek’s vessels make a clear artistic statement and provide glamour and style wherever they stand. A handpicked collection of Arek’s works are on display here at the Coastal Gallery Lymington and we welcome all pottery lovers to come and have a look. Jackie Giron is a local ceramic artist based in Pilley. Jackie takes inspiration from the local landscape, geological strata and the ever-changing skies and light of the south coast. Her bowls have been described as “little jewels” and her layers of beautifully coloured glazes pool at the bottom of her bowls leaving a deeply coloured centre of melted glass reminiscent of rock pools on a bright sunny day. So what comes after the recent obsession with pottery? Spring is the time to enjoy the great outdoors. Julie Collins is a highly decorated watercolour artist based at Milford-on-sea who starts each day walking along the sea wall and taking inspiration from our beautiful coastline. Her work often uses both watercolour and acrylic and she pushes the boundaries of the paint to create large scale abstract paintings that convey the beauty and temporality of each scene. Her works are delicate and full of texture and light. Come and see works from all of these artists at the Coastal gallery Lymington. Be inspired, or perhaps take one home with you!

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