Celebrating Summer with Nick Dawe, Photographer


Summer is upon us and everyone is out and about. While many of us are eating ice-cream and thinking how lovely it is on the south coast, there is one photographer who can be found stalking our shores on a regular basis, finding vistas that even the most aesthetically aware among us would struggle to notice. Nick Dawe wanted to adopt an alternative approach to photography and this manifested itself in looking at the coast with a very abstract and close-up point of view, highlighting the enormous wealth, breadth and variety of visual material on offer. He is thrilled by the interaction between the natural environment and man-made objects. Nick travels widely across the British Isles documenting aspects of the public at work and at play. Throughout his career he has photographed for a wide range of clients from the Army to The Time Out Magazine. He has a love of Modernist Architecture, the sea-side and luckily for us he can often be found in the Lymington and Keyhaven area photographing our coastline. Nick has an instinct for spotting the unusual and aesthetically pleasing  in everyday life and Coastal Gallery is very pleased to exhibit a range of his work, many of which offer a different perspective to familiar scenes.

The new beach huts at Milford on Sea.


Lymington Yacht Haven


Purton Ships’ Graveyard, where ships were deliberately sunk to shore up the banks of the river Severn.


Milford on Sea



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