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In collaboration with respected Swedish film director Jonas Åkerlund, Azzi Glasser created Ditch for The Perfumer’s Story to capture the unique essence of Åkerlund’s art in sensorial form. A fresh take on dark drama, water and green grass notes punctuate the top, while a touch of calone provides a hint of ozonic green urban atmosphere. Boasting an astounding longevity, notes of woods are blended with patchouli, vetivert and oud to give an earthy, dirty accord which is set off by a rich, church-esque heart of frankincense and myrrh.

Commenting on Ditch, Glasser said; “Jonas Åkerlund is a walking inspiration. Being such a big fan of his incredible work and unique creative direction I was thrilled when he wanted to collaborate with me on composing a fragrance together. Jonas and I spent many hours discussing his vision of the ‘Ditch’ and as he talked, I was silently formulating in my head and through my nose the different ingredients that would be mixed together to make the various accords to then create the end story of the ‘Ditch’.

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Jonas Akerlund - DITCH

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