Stephen Powell at Coastal Gallery Lymington

Stephen Powell at Coastal Gallery Lymington

Duende Moon Stephen Powell Top

Above and Below: Stephen Powell, Duende Moon Series. Acrylic on Canvass

Stephen Powell has been exhibiting with Coastal Gallery Lymington for a number of years and his work always produces a liveliness of colour and form. His works display an extraordinary talent for bringing together bold shapes, hard edges and an expressively wide range of mark making skills in a coherently beautiful whole.

‘My work is not abstract in total. I always have subject matter and try to get closer to it through the use of a broad vocabulary of mark making, linked to considered use of colour and composition’.

Stephen is a painter and printmaker who works from his studios in the New Forest or in the South of France. His intention is to paint things that exist but can’t be seen, such sound or a feeling. He reacts to the colour and composition as it confronts him on the canvass and feels that painting and the desire to leave a mark is an instinctive action. Stephen has described his creative process as being most creative when it’s ‘walking a tightrope with disaster’.

While Stephen might provide a rough signpost for his own intentions through use of a title, he keeps his directions purposely vague to allow the viewer to create and interpret the paintings for themselves. Standing in front of one of his works is a fun and creative challenge to the viewer, where there are no wrong answers.

Coastal gallery Lymington are delighted to exhibit a selection of Stephen’s stunning work and are happy to facilitate a moment of contemplation should you wish to experience some of Stephen’s work for yourself.

Duende Moon Stephen Powell bottom


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