TV actor and charity fundraiser Jim Murray will join us on Saturday to talk painting, fundraising and maybe a little fly fishing. The actor and artist, who is also co-founder of The Murray Parish Trust, is currently exhibiting a series of works from his In Flow series at Palais des Vaches this autumn. Well known for his leading roles in The Crown (Netflix), Masters of the Air, Primeval, McDonald & Dodds and Cucumber, Jim began painting between acting jobs a few years ago, after previously studying art at school. He and his wife the actress Sarah Parish also jointly founded The Murray Parish Trust in memory of their first daughter Ella-Jayne who tragically died of a congenital heart defect in 2009. Since 2014, the charity has helped raise over £5 million to advance paediatric healthcare at Southampton Hospital, giving critically ill children access to the most up-to-date treatment. Jim said: “I’ve always painted for myself. I very much enjoyed painting at school but I went to the type of school where painting was considered an indulgence.” “I picked up painting again about 20 years ago when I was looking for something to do between acting gigs and I just started painting profusely in my garden shed. In the beginning, I never had any intention to sell them – it was just a cathartic experience to pass the time.” However, after selling work to raise money for his charity, Jim was approached by the Arc at Winchester and asked to create a response to John Constable’s painting Rainstorm over the Sea, which became the focus of his current collection of work. Jim’s other pieces are abstracts with a close connection to the water. He said: “Anyone who knows me knows I am a very keen fly fisherman, inspiring my passion for rivers and ocean conservation.” Jim Murray will host a free talk and Q&A at Palais des Vaches at 11.30am on Saturday 25th November. Admission is free with all art available to buy.

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