Peter Arscott


Peter Arscott is a painter and ceramicist. He was born in Lima, Peru, and came to school in England when he was thirteen. Peter studied at Bristol University before moving to Barcelona where he taught and had a number of group and solo shows. In 1983 Peter moved to London, working as a Blue Badge Guide and exhibiting at various galleries including, on several occasions, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Peter now has a studio in Ledbury and is a founder and director of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Peter uses either grogged porcelain or stoneware, fired to nearly thirteen hundred degrees, to create his stunning ceramic pieces. Once fired, Peter paints the surface of each piece with brush marks, patterns, drips and smudges, making each one unique.

‘In music, especially in jazz, syncopation involves a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected, thus making a tune off-beat. Similarly, some of my pieces have a singular lop-sided stance; improvisation takes place either in cutting out the rolled clay shapes, or later when painting oxides onto their surfaces’.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to feature a regularly changing selection of Peter’s unique work.

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Spring Vase

glazed stoneware

© Peter Arscott

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Peter Arscott 'Spring Vase' glazed stoneware

Wendy Farley


Wendy has a BA (Hons) Degree in Ceramics from West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham, and a PGCE in Art and Design Technology from Goldsmith’s College in London.

Working from a studio in the south west, Wendy has always taught in a variety of schools and colleges, including Dartmouth Prison. Teaching helps to keep her ideas fresh and constantly informs her studio work.

‘My work is a response to the visual and sensual elements of nature that shape my life everyday. Rhythms, texture, weather and emotion evident in the natural world guide my hand. Inspiration for me is infinite – from the coastal areas of the southwest with its crashing seas, to the smaller more tactile elements of nature…… Undulating rims and etched lines are recurring themes – a movement I see in the motion of waves, the contours of a landscape, the lines found on pebbles or the patterns left behind in the sand by the tide’’ 

Wendy uses coiling, pinching and throwing to create her stunning vessels; and burnishing, smoke firing and electric firing to build up multiple layers of slip, under-glaze colours and oxides to decorate the vessels.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to feature Wendy’s beautiful and evocative vessels.

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Surge and Swell

coil pots with oxides and underglazes

© Wendy Farley

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Wendy Farley 'Surge' and 'Swell' coil pots with oxides and underglazes

Andy Baerselman


Andy lives and works in Lymington. His workshop is situated next those of three other Coastal Gallery artists and designers – Michael Turner, Will Rochfort and Jo Vane – a fantastic hub of creativity and invention!

After leaving Brockenhurst College Sixth Form, Andy studied at Rytecotewood College of Agricultural Engineering in Thame, Oxfordshire.

Freedom beckoned and Andy travelled extensively in America and Australia. On his return, Andy sold agricultural machinery for two years and decided that the life of a salesman was not for him. He taught himself carpentry and worked as a self-employed carpenter builder, becoming increasingly interested in the design element of building projects. After two and a half decades of building with wood, Andy turned his hand to sculpting with wood, becoming a full-time sculptor in 2015. His clients now include designers and owners of world class super yachts.

Please contact Coastal Gallery for details of Andy’s work, including availability, pricing and commissions.

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wood and steel

© Andy Baerselman

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Andy Baerselman Ray wood and steel jpg

Jackie Giron


Jackie just loves making pots – a passion that began at Southampton College of Art when she was seventeen. She now has her own studio in the New Forest.

Jackie has exhibited throughout the UK and won prestigious ceramics awards for her stunning work. She is influenced by the work of Dame Lucie Rie, and produces hand thrown porcelain and stoneware bowls of all sizes. Jackie’s bowls are decorative, rather than functional, and inspired by the rock pools, geological strata, quality of light and colour of the sea, unique to the Hampshire and Dorset Coast.

Coastal Gallery is delighted to stock a wide range of Jackie’s bowls. Please contact us re availability and prices.

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Autumn Glory Vessels

hand decorated stoneware with glazes and oxides

© Jackie Giron

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Jackie Giron 'Autumn Glory Vessels' hand decorated stoneware with glazes and oxides jpg

Sophie McDowall


Sophie enrolled on a two year mixed media art foundation course at Bournemouth University of the Arts. She then completed a degree in film and photography at the University of Westminster, London. After graduating, Sophie moved to New York for a year and embarked on an exciting journey of working in various art department roles on a series of independent films. She returned to London and then headed to Cape Town for three months, staying for ten years! Whilst in Cape Town, Sophie worked as a producer for a variety of international photographic and fashion clients.

Sophie now works from her studio near Lymington where she designs and manufactures Wall Art Lights. These unique creations are fabricated from laser cut steel and vibrantly coloured acrylic sheets, something of a modern twist on stained glass or neon. Sophie’s chosen subjects range from retro to pop art. They will brighten up any room and put a smile on your face.

We are delighted to feature Sophie’s unique work at Coastal Gallery, and are happy to take commissions on her behalf. Sophie is always thinking of new ideas so watch this space!

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cut steel and acrylic

© Sophie McDowall

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Sophie McDowall Marilyn cut steel and acrylic

Nicola Henshaw


Nicola is a sculptor making functional and decorative art for interiors and the outdoors. Her work is an intriguing and magical combination of the real and the imagined, with inspiration drawn from storytelling and traditional narrative forms. Each unique piece evokes a powerful sense of place through choice of subject matter and material, the latter including locally sourced timber, metalwork and, most recently, coloured resin.

Nicola works from a delightful studio in her New Forest garden and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She has work in collections throughout the UK, Japan, India and the USA. Coastal Gallery is delighted to stock a selection of Nicola’s work. Please contact us re prices and availability.

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Frog and Hare Chair with Fish Box


© Nicola Henshaw

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Nicola Henshaw Frog and Hare Chair with Fish Box JPG

Arkadiuz Nowicki


When Arkadiuz first approached Coastal Gallery, Bev and Stewart couldn’t quite believe their eyes – wonderfully ‘larger than life’ eccentric jugs and vessels in rich earthy colours, each piece with a life and energy of its own, emerged from bubble wrap!

Born in Poland, Arkadiuz now lives and works in the New Forest. He creates his vessels from white stoneware clay, a strong and resilient medium. His desire is to create unique pieces that will stand the test of time, and which he can ’leave behind in the world’ for future generations.

The spectacular vessels have a scale and energy that draws attention, not only to them, but also to the space they occupy. Arkadiuz builds each piece by hand and decorates the amazing sculptural forms with crystalline glazes to create textural layers and colour contrasts. Inspired by nature and using rich blues, ochres, greens and greys, Arkadiuz’s glazes become fluid art forms in themselves.

His aim is to challenge people’s pre-conceived notions of what a jug or vase is:
‘My pieces are not still or inanimate. They are made from the earth and grow from it’

Coastal Gallery is privileged to feature Arkadiuz’s unique work – contact us for details and prices.

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Blue Bird in Bath

stoneware with crystaline glaze

© Arkadiuz Nowicki

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Arek Nowicki 'Blue Bird in Bath' stoneware with crystaline glaze

Danni Bradford


Danni specialises in the ancient art of verre-eglomise – the gilding of glass. She works from a studio on the North Devon coast, not far from the stunning Exmoor National Park.

Each unique piece of Danni’s work is hand painted onto the reverse of toughened glass, with details meticulously added in inks, mica, dust and lustre. The piece is then gilded in metal leaf, including gold, silver or copper.

‘When I first began gilding, I started an extraordinary journey of discovery…. I love the challenge of working in reverse and the complexity of working on glass. Some of the processes I use to achieve my finishes are age-old techniques, and are born from continuous experimentation in the studio. By combining my background as an illustrator with verre-eglomise, I have created my own distinctive style. My work focuses on the power and beauty of light, colour and movement in the natural world’.

Glass gilding is in danger of becoming a lost art form, but Danni’s distinctive contemporary interpretation of verre-eglomise has created renewed interest. We are delighted to feature Danni’s work at Coastal Gallery.

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Monarch Butterflies (detail)

gilded glass

© Danni Bradford

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Danni Bradford 'Monarch Butterflies' (detail) gilded glass

Ingrid Sterling


Ingrid Sterling is from South Africa and studied sculpture when she came to London in the 1990s.

Ingrid’s sculptures are bold and questioning, each piece with its own distinctive and unique character. A fascination with the human form is the essence of Ingrid’s work. When capturing the female form, Ingrid often casts in bronze to create a fluidity of line and movement. When depicting the male form, she uses stainless steel and flashes of strong, masculine colour.

Ingrid has work in collections throughout Australia, the USA, South Africa; and in London. Coastal Gallery is privileged to feature Ingrid’s work. Please contact us for prices and availability.

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It’s All Bull II

cast iron and resin

© Ingrid Sterling

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Ingrid Sterling 'It's All Bull II' cast iron and resin

Michael Turner


After graduating from Buckinghamshire College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Three-Dimensional Design, Michael Turner started to experiment with welding and metalwork techniques. Now, most of his work is sculpted in stainless steel, an enduring and adaptable medium.

Working from his studio near Lymington, Michael’s work is inspired by the natural world, from jewel-like beetles to larger than life horses and lions. He uses polishes, paint and heat effects on steel to create each unique sculpture.

Michael Turner’s work is exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Terminal Five Gallery at Heathrow Airport. Coastal Gallery is delighted to stock a selection of Michael’s work and will liaise with him for commissioned pieces. Please contact us for further details.

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marine steel

photo credit Carrie Bugg

© Michael Turner

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Michael Turner 'Ammonite' marine steel photo credit Carrie Bugg